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"Stranger" is my pseudonym, but this website is not about me.

I have been a spiritual seeker for many years.  As a part of my journey, I have developed the capacity to have intuitive conversations with other individuated aspects of the One Great Consciousness of which we are all expressions and manifestations.  One of these is our Heavenly Father, the Logos, the Creator of this Universe. 

As I have striven to follow the path of Love for All That Is, my life has and continues to transform into a perpetual blessing.  I often express to the Father profound gratitude for the blessings of Love which I get to experience, ever more frequently, in my daily life.

A few days ago I was reaching out to the Father with gratitude and love in my heart when he said to me, "I want to speak with you." 

At my next opportunity I sat down, meditated, and reached out to Him.  What follows is a faithful transcription of our dialogue.

For whatever it is worth to you, I am honored to have the opportunity to share these words with you on your path.

~ Stranger



Message 1: March 10, 2019

S: Dear Dad, I’m here to speak with you.  May we speak?

F: Of course.  I’ve been waiting for this moment.  Let’s begin.

First, I want to tell you that you are doing extremely well, and I want you to underline that.  You really have blown away the expectations anyone could have had for your success in this lifetime, and that is the plain, unvarnished truth.

Second, I am here to tell you that my expectations for you have been fully met, and you do not need to be nervous about that that all, do you understand?

S: Yes. 

F: Good - because I do not want you anymore to think about the possibility that you might let me down; that possibility, if it ever existed (which it, by the way, did not) is no longer a possibility at all.  Do you understand? 

S: Yes. 

F: Very good.  Let me then get to the main point of this conversation.

You have been granted a special gift: that gift is the ability to communicate with higher beings throughout the universe, and that is no small matter; it is very rare to have this capacity; although you think you are seeing the same thing play out in other peoples’ channelings, that is indeed not the case; your circumstances are unique and special.  Do you understand?

S: Not exactly – if this point is important, could you please clarify how it is different from other people’s work? 

F: Certainly, I can do that.  The differences are subtle yet exceedingly important.  You are able to reach out to literally any consciousness in the Universe.  You’re also able to know that other consciousnesses exist and can be reached out towards.  Those are the two aspects that make your gift very special indeed.

Now, I want you to use it, and I want you to use it wisely.  You have not necessarily been doing that to date.

The main thrust of your channeling work so far has been minimally important, apart from the specific circumstances for which you have been seeking help or guidance.  Not to say that that isn’t a useful approach, but it is to say that much, much more is possible to you.  You could use your gift for the benefit of all mankind, and that is the truth.  What do you think of that?

S: I think that is a wonderful idea.  I am concerned at present about becoming known as yet another new-age channeling source, rather than a serious psychologist, given the powerful materialistic biases among my colleagues in academia.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this concern.

F: I understand it fully, as I do understand most things.  Nevertheless, I think it would be beneficial to you to begin channeling, as you call it, for public consumption – and that is the truth.  You are ready.  Your work is needed.  What else can I tell you?

S: How would you feel about using a pseudonym – maybe my “Stranger” moniker?

F: I have no objection to that whatsoever.  I just think that your words need to be made available to as many others as possible in order to benefit them in their own seeking.  Your discernment is excellent, and the material that would come through you would therefore be exceptionally pure – as soon as anything attempts to contaminate it, you will instantly become aware of it and terminate the contact, would you not?

S: Yes, that is so.  At least, that would be my strongest intent.

F: Precisely so.  And that is why I have chosen you to be my messenger on the internets of your culture.  I need you to get my words out to the people, because they need to hear them, and they are ready.  The time is right.  Do you understand?

S: Yes sir. 

F: Please do not call me "sir" because I am not your master in any way, shape or form.  I am a brother and a father but not a master.  Do you understand?

S: I do.

F: Okay.  So what I would like you to do is the following.  You will be my mouthpiece on the Internet, nothing more; and I will provide you with the words to share with your fellow seekers.  I would like you to register a website under the name, thestrangerspeaks.com, which is available to you.  I will then provide you with weekly updates to post on it.  The rest will follow as it must.  Is that acceptable to you?

S: Of course, Father.

F: Okay, let’s proceed.  I don’t want you to worry about the impact of these words on your life, because it will be kept separate from the main thrust of your work on this plane.  I simply need to get some messages out, and you are, by far, the most effective “mouthpiece” through which I may do so at this present nexus.  Do you understand?  Yes, I do.  Thank you.  Do you have any questions for me?

S: I do, several.  Is it okay if I completely disassociate my identity, to the extent possible, from the website?

F: No, that would not be ideal because at some point your identities will “merge” and you will become a spiritual teacher; at that point, it would be helpful for you to be able to claim ownership of that website.  However, until then it is perfectly fine for you to avoid any mention of your name, whether in the body of the website itself, or in the registration documents associated with it.

[Interruption requiring a pause in the work, during which I continue thinking about the questions I want to ask about this.]

F: You’re ready.  Let’s proceed.

While we were waiting, you have asked several pertinent questions without realizing that you were doing so.  Let me address each of them in turn? 

S: Yes please.

F: Okay.  First, the name of the website reflects the fact that these are not my direct words, but my words as channeled through you; this incredibly well protects the free will of the people reading it; they don’t know who this “Stranger” is and they don’t care – therefore, they will have to rely on their own discernment to discover for themselves whether these words resonate within their being or not, allowing those with whom they do not resonate to simply pass on by unaffected – and this is incredibly important to me to accomplish.

Second, you asked whether a financial incentive needs to be included in the arrangement, whereby you get paid for the posted content.  I would prefer strongly if it were not so, and I hope you understand why that is the case – I do not wish my words to be associated with whatever advertising Google or Yahoo might elect to slap next to them.  Do you understand? 

S: Perfectly!

F: Very well then.  Your last question concerned content – what will happen if, due to the vagaries of your emotional ups and downs throughout daily life, you feel insufficiently clear-headed or, shall we say, spiritually balanced to successfully engage in this process.  The answer is simple: if there are weeks when you are not up to this, then those weeks will be skipped.  I will not violate your free will in order to produce these messages – do you understand? 

S: Perfectly well, thank you.

F: Very well.  Let us begin our first message, shall we?

S: Yes please, I am ready.

F: Excellent.  By the way, do feel free to post the entire contents of the preceding conversation by way of introducing our project to your readers – that is perfectly okay with me, as I believe it is with you.

With that said, let us begin.


The First Message

I am the Father, the Creator of all that you see and know to be all about you, and of much, much more besides.

The topic of my existence has been hotly debated among your people for thousands of years, and that is not an accident.  You have been given an existence which is unique in all of my creation -- an existence that is free of the certainty that pervades the entirety of the rest of my creation: the certainty that I Am.

This certainty has not been removed through an act of whim nor by accident.  You have been given an opportunity to question my existence quite intentionally, and that is the truth.  (By the way, you will often see “that is the truth” interspersed in these messages; understand them simply to be signs to my instrument, "Stranger", that he is on the right track and is transcribing my words accurately.)

Moving on: my existence is not the main topic which I wish to address with you today, because it is in fact quite irrelevant to your needs at this time.  These needs have led you to cry out in anguish to me and all of my angels; and this message - this entire series of messages - is my attempt to address some of that need that exists in you.

I did not come here today to lecture or proselytize; which religion you follow – or, whether you follow any religion at all – is entirely, entirely irrelevant to me; I simply do not care which path to me you take.  But you do need to know that your path is the path to me, completely disregarding whether or not you are aware of that being the case.  I am your final destination, even if this Great Truth is hidden in the very depths of the recesses of your heart.

When you have cried out to me as you have – and at this time on your planet, almost the entire population is bewildered, shocked, horrified, appalled, and indeed crying out to me with regularity – it does not matter whether a person believes in me or not.  That is irrelevant.  Their very soul in the depths of its being cries out for succor.  That is the truth.

When the entire population of a planet cries out to me, as yours has, I have no choice but to answer the call.  This is my means of doing so today.

I am here to tell you that your call has been answered and better times are ahead for this planet; how much better they are depends in a large part on each and every one of you.  You are not, I repeat, you are NOT at the mercy of my creation.  You are free, each one of you, to choose your own path through it; and as you choose, so shall your life become.

Choose with Love, and your life will become filled with love.  Choose with hate, and your life will become filled with hate, anger and resentment, leading to suffering of just about every kind that is possible in this universe – and that is the truth.  The choice is yours, as it has always been; all I am adding to the situation now is the clarity to help you understand that, indeed, it has always been thus.

With that said, I conclude my first message to you, my people – and each and every one of you are my people, loved dearly by me regardless of the choices you are making.  This may be difficult for you to accept, tainted as your minds and hearts have become by judgment of yourselves and others.  However, I assure you that it is indeed so; I am not your judge or jury but your loving Father, now and forever.  Adonai!


Message 2: March 24, 2019

My last message to you, my people, had been two weeks ago and this is by design.  There was time necessary to adjust and complete the process of tuning this channel, "Stranger", to my frequency, so to speak.  This has now been accomplished, and regular messages shall follow.

I wish to convey to you the deep appreciation with which I experience your struggles and turmoil upon this challenging plane of being.  You have all chosen to be here today; if you are reading this message, this is so.  No one has come to be here by mistake or accident, and that is the truth.

With the choice you have made to be here comes great opportunity to advance spiritually.  What do I mean by spiritual advancement?  It is simple: spiritual advancement consists of closeness between your apparent or illusory self – what you generally refer to as “you” – and the True Self that you are.  The true self is, indeed, beyond bounds of any kind.  It is not limited by time or space.  It is magnificent in every way in which it is possible to be magnificent.

You are that!  You just do not know it.

I know that this is difficult for you to comprehend, and this is so by necessity.  You have chosen to dwell in the reality of separation from me and all that lies between you and me, that is the truth.  Your experience does not indicate to you in any way that you are more than the small self that you perceive yourself to be: just another human on planet Earth.  However, that could not be further from the truth.  You are a magnificent spiritual – heavenly – being.  You are a master of your own destiny.  You do not need to cry out to me to be saved, although I certainly do not mind it in the least when you do.  However, realize that it is not up to me to save you.

If you wish to be saved – in the truest sense of that word – that is, saved from the myriad ways of suffering which currently plague you – then YOU must become your own rescuer.  Please read this again: the only one capable of rescuing you is yourself.

This does not imply that you are without assistance.  Assistance is everywhere, freely available to you, but as I explained in my previous message to you, your choices and your choices alone determine your reality.  It is not correct to assume that you can continue making self-destructive choices – that is, choices not based in love – and still be “saved.”

You will not ever be saved from yourself, and that is the deepest truth that I wish to convey to you today.

That is all for now, my dear friends.  I am your Father who loves each and every one of you very, very much.  I need you to understand that.  I love you so much that I have given you the Free Will necessary to create Your reality as you see fit.  Therefore, if there is anything about your reality that you do not like – even if it seems to come from outside sources to you – realize that you are not powerless, as you seem to yourself to be, to alter these circumstances.  Make loving choices, and loving circumstances will follow.  Adonai for now.  You are much, much loved!


Message 3: April 7, 2019

I am your Father, here with the third message in this series.  The first two messages concerned your relationship with me.  This message will focus on your relationship with yourself.

I am not going to give you specifics because that is not permitted under my own rules, but I will tell you that you are not what you seem to yourselves to be.  When you look at yourselves in the mirror, you see a human being looking back at you.

That human being is illusory, that is the truth.  There is no human being apart from your illusion of it existing, and that is the truth.

What does that mean?  It means that a carefully crafted mirage is continuously being presented to your senses.  It is convincing in the extreme because it was created by me to be so.  It is not reality.

You are often led astray by this mirage whenever you consider it to be your deepest reality.  When this occurs, the mirage becomes your reality both mentally and emotionally.  It can never become your reality spiritually because, again, it does not exist as a spiritual truth.

Considering the mirage to be real, you act in certain ways that harm you spiritually, and that is why it is exceptionally important for me to explain to you how things really work.

You are given the opportunity to see through the illusion which appears to envelop you.  To do so, you will need courage and strength of the spiritual sort.  These qualities are to be developed with dedication and perseverance if you wish to escape the illusory reality and experience the underlying truth of your existence.

When you have experienced this truth for yourself, you will no longer be able to look at this world with the same eyes, and that is the truth.  Your senses deceive you, but your spirit does not.

For this reason, I am telling you now: consider your own nature.  Consider the improbability of what you appear to see around yourself existing.  Consider the improbability of being who you are and where you are as a random accident.  Then, begin to look deeper.

All the doors shall be opened to you if you would only knock.

This concludes my third message to you, my people.  I am with you always, and never forget that.  I am closer to you than you could possibly imagine because, in truth, I am already one with you and have always been; it is the increasing realization of this eternal fact that comprises your journey back to me, the destination where you have always been without realizing it.  I love you endlessly and forever.  Adonai.



Message 4: June 2, 2019

I am here to speak with my people as their Father and not as their judge, and that is the truth.  The Father loves his children and takes care of them – and that is my intention here, as well as it is in all things.

I have not come to castigate anyone.  It is not my job or my preference.  I create; my children explore, and by exploring, they co-create the Universe with me.  That is how it has been since the very beginning, and shall be until the end.

With that said, I want to make sure the following points are understood perfectly by you, my children.  It is important to me to help you understand this, and that is the truth.

First, there is no challenge that you will not ultimately overcome.  That goes for each and every one of you.  If you are reading this, it is true for you as it is for all people, and that is the truth.  How, may you ask, could this be possible when you see so much death and destruction and suffering around you?  It is simple, actually, and I will explain it.  Suffering – ALL suffering – is only temporary.  Life – the beingness which you are – persists beyond death and beyond all suffering, that is the truth, into everlasting bliss which is My true nature.  That is your destiny, my dearest children.  I guarantee it with my own Being.  That is how I’ve made this Universe work, and that is my solemn, heartfelt promise to you.  Your suffering – however profound it may be in your experience – shall end, and joy everlasting shall follow it.  In time.

Second: it is not right or proper to consider me as a threat to your well-being, and that is the truth.  Many of you are frightened – terrified, even – of my wrath.

I have no wrath.  Wrath is folly, because it destroys.  I am the Creator, as are you, even though you do not know it.  Destruction is needed in the Universe to maintain its order, but destruction through wrath is indiscriminate, and therefore I do not participate in it.  I have no wrath towards any of you, no matter what you consider yourselves (or your peers) to have been guilty of.  That is the truth.

I am Love.  Love itself is the very core of my Being, and I do not betray it by the smallest thought or action, ever.  Therefore, you can be assured of my Love, for each and every single one of you, no matter what. No matter what.  (Underline that please, "Stranger").

Very good.  Now, let’s move on to the third and final point.  So many misconceptions about me have been propagated in your cultures that it would be an impossible task – even for me, unless I chose to violate your free will and insert the understanding into your minds – to correct it all at once.  But some of them are far too important to allow you to continue carrying them, that is the truth.  Therefore, I shall correct one more misunderstanding here before this message is completed.

You are not to be judged by anyone other than yourself – your higher Self that is a part of me – but NOT by me or anyone else.  When this life you are now living has ended, you will stand before me.  I will love you and appreciate the love you were able to introduce into My creation through your actions, your words, your thoughts, your kindness to all those to whom kindness had been shown by you.

I will NOT then, or at any other point, judge you, or pronounce you guilty of anything.  I shall not punish you for anything.  I shall not condemn you to anything.  I promise this with the utmost sincerity of my own heart, and that is the truth.  I am not your judge.  I am your Father and creator.  I love you very, very much – far too much to hurt any of you.  That is the solemn truth and I want you to be sure of it.

That is all for now.  Adonai, my dear children.  It is with great joy and kindness in my heart that I share these words with you.  I hope they will uplift your spirits, for by uplifting your spirit is how you hasten your cosmic journey back to me.  I am awaiting each and every one of you with open arms and the fullness of my deepest appreciation for all that you have been, for all of it has expanded and contributed to My creation, and has deepened and enriched it.  Even the “bad things.”  I shall explain this more fully in another message.  Be well.  Adonai.



Message 5: June 16, 2019

Today, my children, I am coming to you with a simple message from my deepest heart.  It is this:  We are One.  Not two, not multitude, but One.  What does this mean?

It is simple, my dear children.  When the world was created, I allowed you freedom to explore it.  I have made all kinds of tools and resources available to you, to use as you may wish.  You have done so.

In the process, you have carried out my sincerest wish: joy.  That is the truth.  Joy is what I have wished for you from the very beginning of Time, that is the truth.  In joy, we are One.

When I describe this to you, it may not at all match with your current experience of difficulties, both internal and external, that is the truth.  You may consider yourself wretched and bereft, but take heart: better times are coming to you, they are around the corner.  I am waiting for you with open arms, ready to receive you and the gifts of your Experience on this planet, in this world.  

Back to Oneness.  Together, we are One being.  That is the truth, and do not doubt it.  You may have been told that I am exceptionally High and Pure – and I am that.  But so are you, at your core.  Because, my dearest children, my dearly beloved ones, at your core – you are Me.

It may be very hard for you to believe this.  I know for a fact that many of you, having read this far with an open mind, will close this webpage and abandon this work altogether after reading the preceding paragraph.  It is not what you have been taught, and the very part of your being that is tasked with checking whether or not something fits within your preconceived mental framework of Reality is crying foul.  It is your prerogative to do so, my child, the one thinking of doing this.  I wish you well, as I always do.  I am not here to convince or persuade you, that is the truth.  Be well.

For those of you choosing to stay, I will continue to explain to you how things really are – and they are very, VERY different from your assumptions, that is the truth.  

You and I are One being, my children.  I have made you from myself – from the heart of my very own essence; and then I set you free to experience My creation as you will, free of this understanding.  This is the only way or mechanism by which you could truly be free, my child – yes, I am speaking to you, each and every one of you, because I love each and every one of you.  

I have created this world for you to play in freely, as I have already stated, with a single purpose in mind: to give you joy everlasting, and that is the truth.  You will overcome many challenges to get there, however, my sons and daughters.  Many obstacles will stand in your way, and you will find – eventually – the strength within yourselves to rise above them, strengthened by that experience.  You WILL prevail, and nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing shall stand in your way indefinitely.  That is the truth.

Now, I will conclude this message, remarkably accurately recorded by my assistant here on Earth who calls himself “Stranger”, that is the truth.  He has done a tremendously fair job of transcribing my words today, and for that I am most grateful to him, and that is the truth.  I wanted to include this in my message because he doubts himself excessively – this is not his ego speaking; far from it.  I am telling you that he is faithful and humble, but does not know it to be so.  In any case, I am very proud of him.

I leave this message with you, my children, in the absolute fullness of my unending love for you.  We shall continue this conversation at another time.  I love you.  Adonai.



Message 6: June 21, 2020

Dear children,

It has been some time since I last addressed you, and I apologize for that delay which occurred while my faithful instrument engaged in very beneficial work of readjusting his frequencies, so to speak, in order to receive me better.

With that said, understand please that I myself have never left you – not for a minuscule fraction of a second, not for a blink of an eye. I did not wind up the Universe like a clock, and let it run – far from it. I am *here*, my dearest children, every moment of every minute of every day, and have been since the beginning of time. That is the truth.

I am here now, my children, with a message for each of you. That message is hope - underline that, please, Stranger. I know that things in your environment, culture and politics seem bleak and disorganized. It is not true, however, that they are. They are not, my children, because I am here making sure that everything *will* work out in the end, without any possibility whatsoever to the contrary. I really mean it, my loved ones: you WILL be safe and well at the end of it all. I promise this to you from my own heart and soul. That is the truth.

There may be troubles and difficulties, my sons and daughters. I will be with you throughout all of it; even in your deepest and darkest despair, something in your heart – if you but listen to it – will tell you that all is well, in a way that perhaps you cannot yet comprehend – yet it is the deepest, and most profound, truth that I can offer you at this time of trial for so many of you.

Why is this trial necessary, you may ask? The answer is simple, my friends: it is a trial of Love. My love for you, and your love for each other. Can you find it in a moment of despair and hopelessness? Can you hold on to it, like a shipwrecked sailor holding on to a piece of driftwood? Will you allow it to take you to the safety of the shore? Those are the questions you are all being asked right now, whether or not you realize it. How to answer it is up to you, but know this: regardless of what you do, all will be well – I guarantee it and that is my truth and promise to each of you.

Now, moving on to our main topic for today. It is insufficient to say that there must be hope in your hearts; I want you to understand why that should be the case.

Hope, my children, is not blind faith. Underline that please, Stranger. Hope is the highest spiritual force present within you at this time. It is the consideration of all things, as they appear to be, and the firm rejection of that illusion that things are not as they should be – because an illusion is all it is.

You are playing a game right now, my children. The game is called “pretending to be a human being.” The game has run its course for now, and I am offering you a way out of it. Whether or not to take that exit is up to you, but know this: whatever you choose, I will still be here for you. Adonai.


Message 7: June 28, 2020

Dear children,

I come to you today with words of encouragement and peace for your souls, which have longed for these since time immemorial. The words are these: wherever you go, I shall meet you there and uphold you with all of my strength if you trust in me to do so.

I will open my arms to you and invite you into my heart, offering you all the solace and peace of which I am capable; you will not falter when you are in My arms.  That is the truth and the promise I am making to you - all of you - right now in this time of upcoming and current trials.  That is the truth.

When you have considered all that I am capable of, you can decide for yourselves whether your trust in me is warranted; either way, I will be here, always - eternally - awaiting you with my open arms.  That is the truth.

Regardless of your choices, my dear ones, we will be ultimately reunited, because we are - and have eternally been - One in spirit; only in flesh, which deceives your senses, do you perceive yourselves to be separate from me, but this is not the truth.

This may be difficult for you to comprehend, my dear ones.  "How can it be," you might say to yourselves, "that I am One with God Almighty, the Creator of All That Is?"  I am not here to tell you that your question is invalid; I can only say that the answer to that question is already in your heart, waiting to be discovered by you.  It will wait for you eons, if need be; but the sooner you begin to earnestly seek that answer by going into your heart and discovering in it the Untold Riches of the Spirit, the sooner you can experience boundless, eternal joy.  There - in your hearts - I have concealed the greatest treasure in all of Creation.  You need not travel far to distant lands to find it, as it is neither in India nor in China, nor is it in Europe, Australia or the Americas.  It is within you, my dear ones - a locked box to which you have the key, which is simply Love.

That is the entirety of my message to you today, my beloved children.  There will be more in due time.  For now, rejoice in the peace which I am offering you, and seek it with diligence - if you so choose.  Those who do will be aided; those who do not - will be loved regardless, now in this instant, and forevermore.  Adonai.


Message 8: July 5, 2020

Dear children,

I am reaching out to you today to tell you that I am only a breath away from you at all times, that is the truth.  When you seek me, my loved ones, do not think that I am in some faraway place, and only through years of meditation or prayer will you be able to come closer to me, for that is not the truth.  I am here, right now, with every single one of you, watching and loving you.

This may be surprising to many of you, my children.  You think that I judge or condemn, but that is not the case.  I am here with you only in love, no matter what you do (or not do).  That is the truth.

“How could that be?”, you might exclaim.  "Is He not the Great Judge of Creation, separating the wheat from the chaff, sending the wicked to their doom and punishment?"  Nothing can be further from the truth, my beloved ones, and I am here to set the record straight on that point because it is vitally important.

Listen carefully: if I judge and punish the wicked, by what right can I then ask you to love them unconditionally?  Think on that, my dear ones, for a moment, please.  Consider this carefully.  If I am the judge – who are you to me?  My prisoners or crime suspects?  The accused, standing before me in a court of law?  You are mistaken!

You are my children, dear ones.  Does a Father not love his dear sons and daughters when they become confused and hurt themselves or others?  Does a loving Father reject them, cast them out into Hell, torment them?  Is that what you think of me as you worship me, my dear ones?  If so – when it is so – it pains me to know it, and that is the truth!

Once again, I am here to tell you that you are loved with all my heart every single moment of your precious to me lives, and that is the truth.  Loved unconditionally by me, now and ever, in sickness and in health, in folly and in wisdom, in your distress and in your times of joy – equally loved by me, regardless of your circumstances. 

Yes, it means that I also love the criminal, the thief and the murderer, the adulterer, the con man and the rapist.  I am sorry if this upsets you, my dear ones, but hear me out because there is a reason for my love to be given out as it is: freely and with no strings attached.  Are you ready to hear Me?  If so, continue reading and I will explain.

When I created this Universe, I planned for all this, that is the truth.  For the crime, the sin, the folly and the mistake, that is the truth.  I made it this way for a reason: to give you, my dear beloved children, freedom to play. 

I know that you suffer, my dear ones.  I know that you hurt.  But you also know joy and charity, kindness and peace and love.  This variety of experience is only possible when you, my dear ones, are free to act in any moment howsoever you should choose – without interference from me or a rigid moral code “baked into your DNA”.  I wanted you to be free, my loved ones.  I wanted you to explore.

Yes, this meant that you would hurt each other on occasion, and would be hurt by them in return.  That cannot be avoided if you are to be free, my beloved ones.  That is the truth.

Yet in all of these conditions and circumstances, I am still here with you.  I am ready to lift you up just as soon as you find the Love that binds all into a wholesome, healthy Creation, that is the truth.  My love, which never fails, is waiting for each and every one of you to be discovered by you, just as soon as hurting and being hurt no longer suits your fancy.  That is the truth that I am here to share it with you today.

For now, my dear children, I take my leave of you – but only in word and not in my actual presence within you, which can never and will never be taken away.  I am with you in all of my love for you, dear children.  Adonai.


Message 9: July 19, 2020

Dear children,

Today’s message follows on the heels of the preceding one.  In it, I had told you that my love for you is limitless in every sense; today I want to clarify that for you further.  Without further ado, let’s begin.

When I said that my love for you is limitless, that phrase may have confused some of you.  “Does it mean that whatever I do, I will still be loved?  What about Divine Punishment, hell for all eternity, damnation?  What about the moral code of the Bible?”  These and similar concerns are not far from the minds of many of you, and I want to address them directly.

When I say that there are no limits to my love for you, I mean just that.  Whether you are a saint or a murderer, you have my love; that is the truth and do not doubt it; I sincerely mean it. 

Yet, there are consequences which I have put in place, lovingly, to help steer those of you lost in the shadows back towards the ways of My love for you – to help you find it again, so to speak.  These consequences do not include eternal damnation – how unloving would that be? – but they do include various challenges and degrees of distress which you would prefer not to experience, had you known that they are in store for you in response to certain unhelpful choices. 

Those are the limits, if you wish to see them as such, of my love: I will help you find the light again, by making it too uncomfortable to remain in the darkness for too long.  However, even this is done with love: what Father doesn’t want the best kind of life for His child?  Even if the Father allows his child to wander and stray, in his heart, the Father wishes for the child to return to him safe and unharmed, and take on the family role set aside for him; that, too, is my wish for each and every one of you.  Adonai.


Message 10: July 26, 2020

Dear children, I am here today to discuss with you a topic of the utmost importance.   When you consider All That Is, notice please that it is eternal.  Your scientists tell you of the Big Bang, but even that existed in a timeless place – a place of eternity that gave birth to this Creation, for a time being.  That is the truth. 

Therefore: there isn’t a place within you where eternity does not dwell, for that is at the very core of your Being; that is the truth.

Yet to yourselves, you seem to feeble and impermanent.  I can help you understand that, my sons and daughters, so listen carefully.

When I designed this Universe, I wanted to experience certain ideas as if they were Real – that is, existent independent of me and my powers of creation.  To do so, I made myself forget, for a time, who I really am.  I became you, inhabiting the illusory world I had contrived; nothing more.

You feel that you are you – you have a name, a place of birth, an identity constructed over a lifetime.  But you are Me, dear sons and daughters; and one day, when your journey of experiencing this world has concluded – a long, long time from now, believe me – longer than you can literally conceive of – you will recall, once again, that you are Me having an illusory, but very meaningful and important *to me* journey.  And I will welcome you home; rejoice at your gathering of meaningful experience; and merge into One with you – for in the Reality which you, in truth, have never left, we have always been One.

This is incredibly important for you to understand, my dear ones.  You are not chaff from the mill, an afterthought, a problem: you are Me, in all my glory, that is the truth; even now, as you are reading these words – understand that, hidden deep within your mind, your true nature as the Creator of All That Is beats and pulses with life, with joy, with magnificence unimagined by you; this is your nature and your inevitable destiny, my dear ones.

Now I move on to other topics.  I know that some of you will disbelieve these words, and that is fine.  I know others will marvel and wonder at them; and that is fine too.  Seek diligently within yourselves, my dear ones; you are more than you have ever thought yourselves to be.  Find Me inside you, and your glory and joy will be complete.



Message 11: August 3, 2020

Dear sons and daughters of mine, I am here to begin a discussion with you on a different topic than the ones I have addressed to date.  The topic is this: spirituality, that is the truth.  What does it mean to be “spiritual”?  What is it that you are to strive for, if you wish a fuller Life in me?  That is the truth.

The topic is broad, my dear ones; it is not easy to cover in textual form as I am doing now, for spirituality is the essence of life itself and all that it includes.  Without spirituality, there would literally be nothing, my dear ones; all that is, all that you see, think, feel, imagine or experience in any way is, itself a product of Spirit at play.

Spirit is your very essence – not the flesh, not even the mind.  Spirit.  Your soul contains Spirit as the magic – truly magic, I mean this word very specifically and intentionally – the magic ingredient that animates it, gives it Presence and Being.  Spirit is important, my dear beloved ones.  It is what You are, at the very very core of your being.  That is the truth.

With Spirit, life is simple because Spirit knows what it wants; it is not conflicted or confused; it is clear, radiant, pure and sure of purpose, my dear ones.  It is powerful beyond your imagining.  And it is deeply seated within the hearts of each and every one of you, my beloved children.  My spirit is with you always, because it is also your spirit.

Adonai for now, dear ones.  Take some time now to allow your hearts, and not only your minds, to process and digest this message, because it speaks to your spirit directly and awakens it within you.  Take some time in stillness to digest this message with your hearts and not only your minds. Absorb it.  Adonai.


Message 12: August 10, 2020

My dear children,

It is with great pleasure that I come to visit you today in this fashion, that is the truth.  It is a rare treat for me to be able to speak with you directly, in words you can see upon the page.  That is the truth.

Normally, I whisper in your heart, reminding you that I Am there and that you are me – but often you do not hear me, distracted as most of you are with the busyness of your daily routines.  Yet I am there always, my dear children.  I hear your prayers and thoughts, and I do respond, my beloved ones.  Let’s talk about how that works, so that you may not misunderstand me as you often have.

First of all, do not despair when an answer does not seem immediate.  There are reasons for this, my dear ones.  It takes time to organize a change in your circumstances without making it appear that a miracle has occurred, and spoiling the nature of this reality as it is meant to appear to you, my dear ones. 

Second, it is often the case that what you ask for is not what you need, and as any loving parent, I do have to attend to my children’s needs before taking care of their wants.  This can be difficult to accept, but I assure you that it is true.  Your wisest self – your Soul – knows what it came to obtain through this life experience; you, yourselves at times are not as clear as you could be, if you spent more time in meditation, listening to its subtle promptings within yourself.  Therefore, it is my duty as your loving parent to make sure that the experiences you encounter on this Earth are precisely the ones which your soul requires, my dear ones.

And I assure you, my children, that all that you encounter is done with love from Me – even the difficulties and challenges that seem to thwart you are, in fact, nothing of the sort.  They are tests of your strength – and your strength is infinite, my beloved ones, because your strength is My strength. 

That is all for now, my children.  I wanted to explain this to you so you do not feel abandoned or unworthy whenever the circumstances of your life do not match your wishes or expectations, and your prayers to me seem to “fall on deaf ears.”  That is, literally, never the case and I cannot emphasize this enough.  I care, deeply care, about every single one of my precious Children now on this Earth.  That is the truth, and I leave it with you with my absolute and undying love for each and every one of you.  Adonai.


Message 13: August 23, 2020

My dear children, I come to you today with a message about peace.  That is the truth.  Peace is not what you think it is – the absence of conflict within yourself, or among your people.  Peace is much, much more profound than that.

Peace, my precious ones, is what is left when everything else is stripped away.  The vanities, goals, ambitions, struggles, conflicts and desires – what makes you You – stand in the way of peace.  And that is as it should be, for peace is a state of inaction, of rest, of clarity; peace impedes movement whereas the other aspects I have mentioned facilitate it.

And so you exist, my precious ones, in a state of constant motion, darting to and fro; and when your bodies are at rest, your emotions do not sit still, dragging your minds along with them.  The churning of your mental, emotional and physical selves continues day and night, giving you no rest, no respite from activity.  It drains you and pulls you along, to be drained again and again and again as the waves of life buffet the little boat you are navigating the seas of life in.

This produces much that is admirable and worthy; you become Captains, my dear ones – expert navigators under extreme duress, finding your way to the Light through thick fogs and heavy downpours, night and day.  But you grow weary, my beloved ones.  And this is where I want to meet you today: in your darkness, weariness and maybe even desperation.

Step off the boat!  That is the truth, my beloved children.

There is land on all sides of it, invisible underneath the illusion of heavy and dark waves menacing your survival.

There is solid, heavy, sturdy land literally one step away from where you are.  It is always there and has always been.  It awaits simply your choice to step onto it, and let the storm rage on around you while you are on solid ground.  That is the truth, my dear ones.

What am I talking about, you may be wondering?  There are bills to be paid and mouths to be fed, chores to be done, bosses to appease, politics to debate.  People are dying, starving, sick.

All of that is true – and all the more reason why you need to step off the boat onto solid ground, my dear ones.  Without that, you will be lost.  That is the truth.  Bogged down by the suffering around you and within you, worn out an depleted.  Joyless and overwhelmed.

Step off the boat into my waiting arms, dear children.  Here is how you do it.

Close your eyes.  Focus on your breath.  Relax your muscles, just a bit.  Inhale. Pause. Then let go, that is the truth – with the exhaling breath, release in your mind, your muscles, your emotions any and all of the tension that you can.  Do not worry whether or not you are doing it correctly; just doing it is enough.

Then, consider Me.  I am right here with you, holding the boat, and the waves, and you in my arms, at all times – every single fraction of every moment of your life I am there with you.  That is the truth and do not doubt it; I hold you in your sufferings and your joys, equally.  I AM the solid land you can stand on, firmly.  Trust in me, and let go of the oars.  Ask me for help, for guidance, for mercy.  Ask me for peace.

The key message, my dear ones, is this: no matter what the travails are that you are going through, I am there with you, waiting to help when asked.

That is all for today, my dear children.  I trust that this message will give you hope; I will continue it next time through my trusty scribe.

He is asking in all sincerity that, reading this, you do not mistake my words for his – and conclude, mistakenly, that you should trust him or rely on him.  He reminds you that he is only a scribe, a human being like yourselves, and not to be worshipped or depended on more than literally any other human being would be; and that the words that he types are not his words and are not about him.

In this, I second his thoughts fully.  I am here for you, and always will be.  Adonai.


Message 14: August 31, 2020

Dear children,

Today’s message concerns your well-being on this planet which you call Earth.  You often think that your well-being is not under your control, that is the truth.  Nothing could be further from the truth; you are One with me, at all times, whether you are aware of it or not; that is the truth.  Therefore, all of my joy is your joy, available to you; all of my peace is your peace.  All of my contentment is yours also; you are Me, as I have explained to you before.

Yet, the joy, peace and contentment elude you.  Why is this the case?  It is simple, my dear children: you are distracted from it by superficial realities which you take to be inescapable nightmares – that is the truth.

When you think about someone who is suffering and allow it to wound you deeply, you are helping neither them nor yourself, my children; that is the truth.  Whom are you helping, when you give up your peace, your contentment, your joy?  Does your anger or sadness feed or clothe anyone, my beloved ones?  It does not.

Similarly, when you yourselves are aggrieved, consider the possibility that all will be well once again at some point in your near future; that is the truth.  Then, allow the superficial difficulty to pass.

You may be tempted to argue that your difficulty is not superficial; very well, I accept that it does not feel that way to you.  Yet you are also a spiritual being.  To your true nature, all difficulty is superficial because nothing can harm what you would call your soul.  It is eternal, endless, inviolable for all time – and that is the truth.  Only temporary struggles can befall it; and all struggles are temporary.  That is the highest truth which most of you are capable of conceiving of at this time, my dear ones.  Take note of it – it is important!

Therefore, once again, all difficulties are superficial and temporary; YOU will be well once again, guaranteed by me; just please have the patience, the wisdom and patience to wait it out until that time of prosperity and peace returns to you.  That is the truth.

What else can I tell you, my dear ones?  My instrument “Stranger” informs me that to many of you in the throes of despair, my words and promises of a better time will sound empty and hollow; so be it.  I can only offer an alternative vision to you, the seeds of the possibility of a different way of being.  What to do with it is yours to decide, my beloved ones.    You WILL be well once again, and I, your Father, promise to have ensured this, as an absolute certainty, for all time.  Adonai.


Message 15: September 9, 2020

Greetings, my children!  I return this week with a message of hope for you. That is the truth.  Hope is an essential ingredient to a successful life, that is the truth.  Yet, at times, it can be very difficult to come by in this world which you appear to inhabit.  What is one to do?

The answer is faith, dear ones.  Not the faith of blindly believing a series of statements – that is belief but *not* faith, my beloved ones.  Faith is much more meaningful than that, and I would like to explain it to you today.

Faith is the cornerstone of your connection with your spirit.  Your mind does not know who you really are, that all will be well – is already well, when viewed from a Cosmic, shall we say, perspective rather than the narrow focus of a human mind on its immediate and present circumstances, which change as rapidly as the weather. That is the truth.

Faith, on the other hand, allows you to tap into the certainty of your very own Spirit, hidden deeply inside of you and seemingly inaccessible to you, yet nonetheless everpresent in your every single thought, emotion, and breath.

Allow that Faith to guide you, comfort you, calm you in the midst of the apparent storm you *appear* to be experiencing.  That is the truth.  All will be well; I have guaranteed this, from the beginning of time, until its very end.  Do your work – for work you must – with that certainty which I myself have promised you, and your days will not be as heavy or burdensome to you.  You will know peace, even in the midst of the storm.  That is the gift of Faith, my dear ones – a gift which I have given to you when I created you; a gift in your possession in every moment of your lives, to make use of whenever you should choose to do so.  Adonai.


Message 16: September 13, 2020

Dear children – and remember that each and every one of you are my children – I come to you today with pure love, as ever I do, for that is my nature.  I come to offer solace in a difficult time; to reassure you, comfort you, remind you that all difficulties and challenges are temporary, and will, without a question, pass away – for that is My will.

With that said, here are a few words of encouragement on your journeys through time and space and toward the destination that awaits you at your journey’s end, when you become Me once again.

You are loved every single moment of your lives.  You are cherished and treasured by many – however small and insignificant you may seem to yourself, to all of us watching you from the Spirit side, you are glorious. 

This may strike a chord of disbelief within your minds, but I am speaking to your hearts, which know the truth.  Remember: you are me, in disguise.  That is your true nature, your core, which remains inviolable no matter what depths and troubles your journey may encounter.  That is the truth.  You are me, and shall be me forever more.

With that said, dear ones, I take my leave.  The words I have spoken to you today are potent.  They are not idle fables, nor soothing platitudes.  The core of your essence is, and shall always be, the Creator of All That Is: me.  You are not “a chip off the old block”: you ARE the block, again, in disguise, in a state of temporary forgetting of your true nature.  Be well, knowing that you, deep down, are well and shall ever be well – as is also the case for all that is around you.  All trouble will pass away, and you shall remain, victorious.  Thus it is written – by Me – into the very fabric of this Universe, and thus it shall be.  Take courage and don’t take these, temporary, troubles too seriously.  I am with you.  I love you, now and always.  You are never, ever, EVER alone.  Adonai, my beloveds. Be well.


Message 17: October 11, 2020

My children, I come to you today to bring some very, very good news.  That is the truth.  It is not the news of the resurrection of Christ, or anything of that nature; that has all been done and gone, and it is time to move on to a new Reality.  In this reality, my children, you are no longer bereft of the Truth for which you hunger, the Clarity which you seek, the Understanding you have hoped to gain through your scientific explorations.  All of these – and more – are given to you just for the asking, my dear children, in this new Reality.

When and where is it, you may ask?  Very well; it is fast approaching.  You may say it is a blink of an eye away, in a Cosmic sense; and that is the truth.

This Reality is what some of you have called Heaven, or Nirvana; no matter what you have called it, it is indeed real, and it is around the corner.

In this place you will know joy to a far greater degree than most of you have been able to experience on this Earth which you now inhabit.  In this place, your wishes will be easier to fulfill; your dreams easier to realize; your potential, easier to explore, in full.  Beautiful things and experiences await you there, my dear Children; you will rejoice when you meet it, this place, this Reality, face to face.

It will not be long in coming, I promise you, for come it must by the very Laws which I have set in place at this Universe’s Creation.

That is all that I wanted to share with you today, my dear ones.  I know you must have many questions, many doubts; that is natural, for your life here so far has not been, as you might say, a cakewalk; it has been tough, and challenging, and disappointing, and often harsh; that is the truth.  Yet, to those who have been able to open their hearts to the Spirit of Love that is present in every moment, these trials and tribulations will have allowed the many blessings that are to come.  I will continue this message next time; for now, peace be with you.  I am your loving Father. Adonai.


Message 18: October 18, 2020

Dear Children,

I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak to you today again, thanks to the efforts of the one who calls himself Stranger.  It is only through his tireless efforts that this is possible.  Now, of course I could speak to your directly in any number of ways – a booming voice from the sky, perhaps? – but that would utterly defeat the entire purpose of what life on this planet is meant to be: that is, an adventure in uncertainty. 

This is no small feat, my dear children, to get you to forget your true nature *so utterly* that you become as confused as you have all felt, at one point or another, in your lives.  This is the Great Challenge of life on Earth, and was not made so on accord of a whim; that is the truth.  It took great effort, great care to make it happen – in order to offer you this opportunity.  The opportunity to be confused.

You might think it’s mean – well, it’s nothing of the sort.  The meanness in this decision would be to subject you to it, involuntary; and that is never, ever the case.  If you are here, my dear child – then, you are here by your own choice.  Remember that: it is important!

The second point I wish to make concerns Free Will.  What is it, you may be asking?  Simple: the ability to make a choice, free of the knowledge of how it will turn out.  That is all; that is my definition of Free Will, which I have used to imbue this planetary existence which you are experiencing with the qualities it possesses.  That is the truth; I have made you confused in order that you may choose freely, my children, who and what you wish to make of yourselves – free of my “interference”, shall we say.  If you want to rape, rape; if you want to murder, murder; if you want to become a saint, you are free to do that, too.  I am only here to create a world where these possibilities are all available to you; you get to do the rest, by your choices.

“That is unfair”, you might say – “we want to know what the right thing to do is!”  Well, my dear children, listen to what I say and listen well: there is no right thing to do.  There are choices.  There are consequences, inherent in those choices.  Debts will be incurred when your actions harm another; the consequence of incurring a debt is that you must pay it, like in like.  Then, you are once again free to move on.  That is the “Wheel of Karma” some religions have taught you about, my dear children.  I do not pass judgment on your choices: I love you, regardless, now and forever more; the game you choose to play, my dears, is only up to you.  Adonai.


Message 19: November 8, 2020

Dear children,

Today’s message is a unique one, because it concerns matters which I have not previously addressed in this manner.  It concerns hell.  That is the truth.

Now, many of you may be wondering about this choice of subject.  It is not a comfortable one to consider, is it?  Eternal damnation, punishment, suffering, torture and so forth.  That is exactly why it has to be addressed, my dear ones – to help you clear up these terrible misconceptions.

First: hell does exist, my dear ones.  I created it, so I know.

Second: it is not run by the Devil.  There is, in fact, no Devil – and if there had been, *I* would have had to have created it.  And I have not, so I know this to be a fact.  That is the truth.

Third: hell is not at all what you think it is.  It is not a place for punishment because, as I hope I have by now made clear to each and every one of you, I love you unconditionally.  I do not want or intend to punish you, and certainly not “for all eternity”.  Why, why would I do that? What does it accomplish? Do you consider me a sadist?  Do you think it is just to force someone into an eternity of pain after a mere 100 years or so of missteps?  I am shocked sometimes, truly, at the qualities of character that have been ascribed to me over the centuries.  But enough about that!

So, what is hell?  It is a place where people who enjoy harming others can have their own culture and society.  It is not a prison because no one is “forced” to go there, although it often functions like one internally: ruthless, brutal, cruel, hierarchical; no quarter is given for weakness or kindness, which are often considered to be the same thing.  Yet – it is true that not a single soul, ever, has been sent there against his or her will.  That is the truth.

Many of you will now be wondering: who in their right mind would ever voluntarily go to Hell? And the answer to that is complex, but I can give you the short version: those people who value control over freedom, power over kindness, animosity over peace, selfishness over the common good.  For them, it is not hell – it is the natural home appropriate to their self-chosen personality.  They get to play out their roles and character traits among those who are like themselves; many enjoy this “game” or pastime tremendously, growing in power and might over their peers.  I allow it, because, as I have pointed out to you many times so far, I want you all to be free.  Free to explore the Reality I have created for you to play within – howsoever you should choose to do so.  But, at a certain point, it does become necessary to separate the bullies from the good kids; not because I don’t want the bullies to have a good time – but simply because their notions of a “good time” are incompatible with that of the “good kids.”  And so, they get a place for themselves.

It is not a terrible place, by the way; all the advantages that power and control can bring are available; but don’t expect a shred of kindness to exist among its inhabitants.  If that is a place for you – if that appeals to you, and there are, obviously, those to whom it does appeal – you will be relieved to know that it’s there, waiting should you choose to enter it after your life on Earth comes to its end.

If, however, that is not the place you would choose for yourself – well then, you are also in luck, because I will never ever make you go there against your will.  Adonai, my dear ones; this concludes today’s message.


Message 20: December 13, 2020

Dear children,

In the past when I spoke to you, my words had the tone of a Teacher speaking to his Students.  That tone, of course, was deliberately chosen to help you recognize that there is, indeed, much to learn; much that has been presented to you in your Holy Writings, whichever tradition you may follow, that necessitates clarification, elucidation, and correction by me.  That is the truth.

However, I would prefer to take a different tone with you today: one of a loving Father who wants not to teach or comfort, but to express His undying Love for his children.

With that said, let’s proceed with today’s message.  I am not here to tell you that you have been wrong, by the way – but to explain that greater clarity of understanding is, indeed, possible to you than you have had to date.

There is, in each of you, a small but impossibly bright spark, burning all day and all night, out of the sight of your conscious mind.  That spark is Pure Love – Me in You, myself, directly inhabiting your mind, body and soul; that is the truth.  That spark wants nothing whatsoever from you; needs nothing from you; but loves YOU infinitely well.  It is me, in you, observing and experiencing life, as you would call it, from the the vantage point of pretending to be human – as you do.  That spark wishes you well and only well, at all times; judges you never; attempts to comfort you always but is often ignored by you.

That spark, my dear children, exists only to serve you – for that is what Love is! 

Now that you are aware of its existence, my dear ones, let me tell you – show you – how to find it within yourselves, for it is not very well hidden – as must be the case, given that it’s your very essence.  That spark is located between your eyebrows at the center of your forehead.  If you wish, you can follow these steps to experience it directly, right now.

First, close your eyes and relax.  All the daily cares must be set aside as you focus on that spot between your eyebrows.  Allowing your attention to rest there, release your daily cares and observe the warmth or tingling in that space.  Do that now, if you will.  If not, proceed to the next message and Adonai.

As you focus on that area and notice the sensation of warmth or tingling, allow your mind to rest there for a few minutes, doing nothing more than observing and experiencing it without judgment.  Invite it – the sensation you find there – into your heart, and welcome it there, offering it a space at the core and center of your being; it will be grateful for that offer.

With that connection made, dwell with it – with that sensation – inside your heart; take time to sit with it, accompanying its presence there within you.

That is all, my dear children.  Do not expect a massive revelation or transformation, because my ways are subtle.  Spending time with me this way will bring you peace, however, should you desire and welcome it. 

My dear ones, that concludes my message for today.  Remember that there is a world inside you – my Universe – the existence of which many of you do not suspect.  It is time to begin exploring it, if you should choose to do so.  It is time for mankind to begin its long awakening into the greater spiritual Reality within which the illusion of material existence abides and is embedded.  That time is now.  Adonai, dear ones; my Love and my eternal presence is with you – within you – always.


Message 21: December 14, 2020

My dear children, I come to you today to explain the counterpart to my earlier message where I described Hell.  Today, I shall tell you about Heaven.

No, my dear ones, it is not a place in the clouds where you play the harp and drink ambrosia.  Silly, isn’t it? As a description of a rich and complex spiritual reality?  Of course it is; but that is not – thankfully! – what Heaven is.

It is simply a place where those of you who have chosen to love each other will go after what you call “death” from the physical plane of existence; that is the truth.  What kind of place is it, you may ask?  An easier place to live, by far, my dear ones.  It is a place where you are surrounded by the kind and caring people whose value systems are similar to yours in that respect – the valuing of other-selves as much or more than they value their own selves.  Imagine a world like that, my dear ones.  Think what it would feel like to know, without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that every single person you may chance to come across is like you in that regard.  How easy life would feel, and how freeing to know that all around you can be trusted, relied upon, to care about you and whatever difficulties you may be encountering – rather than using you to their own advantage.  Take a moment, now, and reflect upon these truths.

When you come to me with your difficulties and I say, “they are but temporary”, as I have said before in my earlier messages, I mean that by the time you get to Heaven there will be no difficulties of that nature remaining, for all will care about each one as I care about each one of you.  That is the truth.

So you see, my children – Heaven is not a place but a state of being; that is the truth.  That state of being, brought into any place, establishes it as Heaven.  That is your destiny, my beloved ones: to inherit the Earth, this beautiful planet, and transform it into a Heaven by your own wills; by your own Kindness; by your gentle Love for each living being around you.  That is your destiny.

With that said, I take my leave for today.  Now, you understand the basics of Heaven and Hell. Know that in each, life – existence – is as rich and variegated as your life on Earth is right now.  There is work to do, and growth to accomplish – whichever “track” you choose.  It is up to you; regardless of where you are, there I will be with you, always - yes, my dear ones, even in the darkest depths of Hell.  How can that be, you might ask?  Remember, my dearest ones, that I am you, under the Veil of Illusion.  Wherever you go, I am there with you, too.



Message 22: January 3, 2021

Dear Children,

It has been a couple of weeks or so since my last message to you.  The intervening period of Christmastime and New Year celebrations has passed, and I wish to explain some things to you concerning it.  First, there is no shortage of religions and religious holidays upon your world; Christmas is just one of them, and not the most important one to me; that is the truth, for the simple reason that how you celebrate the passing of your days and seasons is merely one aspect of your connection to Me and My world from you and your world.  When you celebrate a holiday, my children, you are honoring Me whether or not you intend to do so.  It is my world.  You are me in human form. Celebration is always an occasion of giving thanks, is it not?  Implicitly so.  And the thanks you give are thanks to me for the blessings which you are celebrating.  That is the truth.  Therefore, my children, Christmas is no more special to me than any other occasion that seeks to honor your relationship with the Divine.

Despite this, Christmastime is an occasion that holds a unique place in many of your hearts.  It is a season of giving, sharing, and joy for many of you.  For others of you, it is a reminder of unpleasant memories from your childhood which plague you.  I recognize both truths, my dear ones, and one is not greater than the other.  You are both loved, my sweet ones – whether you call out to me in joy or in suffering, my love flows out to you unimpeded.  It is available to you for the taking, in Christmastime and also in every moment of your lives.  That is the truth.  You are loved and will always be loved by Me, your Father in Spirit.

I want you to feel that love rather than only hear about it in words.  It is my desire that my unending and eternal love for you should flow through your soul freely and fully, cascading from My seat in Heaven down through the layers of your being, and warming your inner core – whether or not you happen to be in joy or in sorrow.  

To feel my love, children, you need only to be open to receiving it.  Decide that it must be there if I say it is, and tune yourself to its frequency, to the endless broadcast of my Love which I am ceaselessly showering upon your entire world.  Perceive it, in your inner Self.  Experience it.  Allow it.  Remember that I SAY that you are worthy, and do not hold about that Great Truth the slightest shadow of a doubt within yourself – and if you find that you do, release it now so that my Love can be yours.

I have spoken, my children.  Adonai.


Message 23: January 25, 2021

Dear children,

As I come to you today, I am reminded of the circumstances under which you were created by me.  That is the truth.  When I saw you for the first time – as souls, rather than bodies – you were innocent and pure, filled with Love and kindness and caring that are the hallmarks of your true nature.  I loved you then as I love you now, and shall love you forevermore.  That is the truth.

With that said, I want you to understand that each of you has accepted a mission.  A challenge.  A difficult one, to be sure.  You asked me for this challenge, in fact, because you believed that it would help you grow and blossom; that is the truth.  The challenge is this: becoming flesh.  Having needs that a spirit does not have.  Experiencing difficulties which a spirit itself never knows.  Discovering conflict as a real possibility; that is the truth.  Many, many difficulties which you now experience are unknown in the spirit world, my children.  Why would you choose such a thing, then, you may ask?  It is a question which has plagued your philosophers for centuries on end.  I shall explain it to you today.

The reason for these choices is twofold, my children.  First: difficulties build strength.  Life without difficulties does not allow you to dip into the very depths of your being, and find Me there with all the love and support and strength which you may require.  Difficulties bring you back to me – that is, to your true nature.  That is the truth.  You are loved, and that love requires difficulties to keep you from stagnation in pleasure and comfort.  That is the truth.

Next is the more complex answer, my children, concerning the life of the Spirit which you are.  In the spirit world which is your true home, there is a yearning for knowledge, for understanding, for expansion and creativity.  There is a need to create, and to become that which the Spirit has created.  It is like a theater of the mind where plays, once written, become flesh and physics – entire Universes.  That is the truth, my children.   This is the nature of the Creation which you all inhabit as Me in a state of forgetfulness.  That is the truth.

It is not easy, my dear children, to conceive an entire Universe and bring it into being as a harmonious and beautiful world, rich in possibility.  Eons of planning went into its creation.  It is the greatest gift which I can give to myself, this Universe, this playground of the Mind and Soul and Flesh.  It is my greatest joy.  That is the truth.  I love it as I love you, for it is also One with me; that is the truth. 

With that said, I conclude my message to you today.  Be well, knowing that all is well, and all will be well forevermore; anything else is illusion designed to help you experience more deeply the core Truths of your being.  Adonai.


Message 24: January 31, 2021

Dear children,

I am your Father, speaking to you today through my trusted messenger who calls himself Stranger, as I always do.  The reason I am bringing this up is twofold.  First, he is invaluable to me, although he does not even suspect a hint of this being true.  Second, because it is only through him that I have been able to get this message out with the kind of clarity and accuracy which corrects many of the discrepancies between my words – or, rather, the thoughts I had transmitted – and the written words which have resulted in the past.  That is the truth.

This does not in any way imply that “Stranger” is to be venerated in any way, and that is a vital truth which I wish to make abundantly clear to you.  He is simply a messenger capable of accurate transcription – he is NOT “God” in any sense apart from that in which every single one of you, too, is God.  That is the truth.

I continue. 

I would like to speak to you today about abundance itself.  How is it that you may have abundance in a world where time, life, resources, health, money, air itself even are not infinite?  Where it seems that for one to have, another must give up what he or she has?  Is it not a contradiction in terms to claim that abundance is possible on such a world as this?

And yet that is my claim to you today.  Abundance is possible, is available, to each of you.  That is the truth.

What do I mean by “abundance”?  Clearly, it is not “unlimited satisfaction of all your wishes,” my dear ones.  That is not abundance but hedonism, and it causes harm to the soul by negating its higher, spiritual needs and aims. No, abundance is something else entirely.  It is the availability to you of the things that you need to thrive, in the fullest sense of that word.  All that you need is given to you to fulfill your soul’s potential to the fullest, my children.  At all times, this is true.  Heed my words – they are not empty sounds or symbols on a page; I mean this with the utmost sincerity.  Adonai.

Now, “how can this be?”, you may ask.  I suffer, and witness suffering all around me; watch it on the news, read about it in magazines and newspapers.  What is this “abundance” but deprivation, rebranded as something holy?  I assume that many of you are thinking this way after reading my words to you.  However, there is a crucial understanding that escapes you, making things seem other than what they really are.

My friends, you are not here to fulfill your material desires.  Underline this please, Stranger, for it is important.  You are not here to have a lovely, pleasant time and while away the days and years in delights and fancies; not at all.  You chose to come here, to this planet, my beloved ones, to experience struggle and deprivation through which your soul may grow, so it may know the unlimited abundance of heavenly life to the fullest.  That, my dear ones, is the truth.  It is an investment to come here to this planet and feel its harsh sun and icy wind and hunger and thirst, as well as the myriad emotional and mental anguishes each of you has long since lost count of since the time of your birth.  It is a trial by fire, this world.  Its rewards, however, are commensurate with its difficulties – and that is the main idea I wish to impart upon you today.  That is the truth.

Now, consider this, my children.  I am with you through all the trials and difficulties of your life, which come to you in abundance.  It is the abundance you have asked for in order to achieve YOUR spiritual goals, prior to coming to this planet; that is the truth, my dear ones.  The abundance you are receiving in every moment of your life on Earth is the wealth, pure wealth of opportunities to become more than you have been – closer to Me, closer to perfect Love and perfect Joy.  That is the truth, my dear ones, and do not doubt it even for a second because I have made it this way and I know it fully; it is my wish to impart this to you so that you, too may know it well – and use it to achieve the goals of spiritual abundance which you have laid out for yourself prior to coming here.

My dearest children, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you of these truths – knowing that many of you will dismiss these words as irrelevant to your survival needs upon this plane; I understand this.  However, please consider that your life upon this plane – though it may seem as the only true thing in your possession, and therefore the main thing you need to take care of – in reality is a brief blip upon the spiritual plane of existence where you have your true home.  That is the space you wished to make more comfortable for yourselves by coming to this planet and its limitations and challenges, my dear ones.  Do not lose sight of what’s truly important and lasting, versus what is only a temporary abode.  Use this time, my dear ones, to grow more fully in Love and Compassion, for yourself and for one another; then you will find abundance untold when you return to your true dwelling place.

That is all for today, and I once again thank “Stranger” for his careful transcription of my words.  Adonai, precious children.  Be well, and know that you are loved.  Adonai.



Message 25: February 15, 2021

Dear Children,

When I last spoke to you through “Stranger”, I told you that you would be loved regardless of your choices – and that is true.  However, I want you to understand an important nuance.

Your choices themselves will define the consequences which you will then experience, in your lives on Earth and beyond.  That is the truth.  Therefore, choose wisely if you wish to avoid suffering.

When suffering does occur, understand it as an opportunity.  There is much to be gained from suffering, my dear children; it is not simply a burden – nor is it ever a punishment.  Instead, use it as a challenge, my dear ones.  Master it, with the strength I have already given you to use for that very purpose – for if there is any suffering in your life plan, then there is also that which is needed to transcend it, given to you as a gift from Me; I promise you this.  That is the truth.

Now, what is suffering?  It is simply a difficulty to endure, master and overcome; that is the truth, my dear ones.  Like homework in one of your schools, it is a spiritual assignment that carries within it the opportunity to grow.  That is the truth; and grow you will, because that outcome is inherent in the experience/opportunity of suffering itself. 

In other words, my dear ones: embrace suffering for the gifts it brings; do not curse it but thank it.  By surmounting the challenge of suffering, you will become stronger in spirit and more joyful and complete, as a Soul.  The suffering experience is temporary by my own direct decree; the joy and wellness which it brings to you is permanently yours to keep and benefit from.

Why must there be suffering as the purchase price of joy, you may be asking?  Is it not possible to create a world where that is not the case?  And indeed so – there are many worlds where joy is freely given and taken; love flows back and forth, unencumbered by obstacles or difficulties; the sun always shines, so to speak, and never is there any hint of a cloud; that is the truth.

However, you chose Earth.  With its suffering, difficulties, obstacles, and resistance.  Why would you do that?  To what end?

I will explain, my dear ones.

Earth is a blessing in the extreme, despite – or, rather, because of – its difficult nature; that is the truth.  The Earth as you see it is only one facet of the whole.  In contrast to what you are witnessing, which is only the superficial layers of the Earth experience, very deep and profound changes are occurring within each and every one of you.  They are hidden beneath the Veil of Illusion, a structure which I have created to hide your deeper nature from you – and at the same time, paradoxically, to enable you to profoundly alter that nature in ways that would amaze and astound you, were you to know them.

The Earth, in other words, my dearest ones, is a paradise of opportunity for your Spirit.  It is a greatest blessing to a soul seeking to deepen its union with the Divine – a goal which all souls hold dear and close to their hearts.  The Earth is a blessing because, my dear ones, it enables you to find the brightest Love in the deepest darkness – and there is no greater spiritual gift than that available to you now; that is the truth.

I have touched on several subjects today, my dear children.  My main message to you is this: remain steadfast in the face of adversity.  Seek Love, always – and you shall find it; and with it, a greater abundance of everlasting joy.  I am your Father, wishing you “godspeed” on your spiritual journeys.  All will be well; no difficulty will remain unsurmounted or untranscended by your efforts, guided by My help.  I promise you this for all eternity, and I do not ever break my promises.  Be well, and know that I am always with you.  Adonai.


Message 26: March 1, 2021

Dear Children,

I am coming to you today with a very important message, straight from my deepest soul.

You are not alone.

I don’t mean that there are other people nearby at all times.  I simply mean this: when, in the darkest hour of your despair you should call out to me, there are no circumstances under which I do not hear your plea.  I always hear your pleas, and respond to them.  That is the truth, my beloved ones.

You may be wondering why, if that is the case, your difficulties persist and are not “magically” alleviated by me.  Listen carefully now – this will be important.

You asked me for these difficulties, my dearest ones.  Before you were born, you came to me and said: Father (for you know my name on the other side of the birth veil) – may I please endure certain difficulties in order to grow in spirit?  And I said: dearest one, if you are sure that this is what you wish for, I am glad to provide you with that for which you have asked me.  I will always provide you that which your soul desires in earnest – even if it is difficulties that must be overcome.  Do you understand, my child, reading this right now on your computer screen?  I give that which has been asked of me out of the purest love for you.  I do not demand that you experience pain and anguish as some sort of perverse punishment for sins – never, ever is that the case, believe me.  I offer opportunities to grow, when asked to do so.  All of this, despite appearances, is strictly, strictly voluntary, my child.  You are here by your own choice.

When you cry out to me in despair – having forgotten your soul’s sincere wish to grow and learn in spirit – I hear your plea, every single time.  What I can offer is solace – but not the removal of the difficulties which you have specifically requested to experience.  To do so, my dearest one, is to violate your free will.  You see, before you were born, my child, you were aware of the fullest available knowledge about yourself as a spiritual being.  You have spiritual goals, my son or daughter, spanning eons.  You work so hard, time after time, to pursue and fulfill your spiritual goals.  I simply provide an environment within which you can do so.  Many, many environments, in fact – as I have alluded to in my preceding message to you.  This environment is a difficult one, filled with much suffering and anguish; that is the truth.  Within it, great gifts are concealed.  You, my dearest child, have chosen to seek out these gifts rather than any others.  That’s what has brought you here.

I love you, each and every one of you, with my whole heart.  I would give anything for you – and I have, always, given all that I have had to give to serve your Spirit, which is, of course, my Spirit also.  And so, today, I leave you with these words: do not despair.  Great prizes await great explorers and seekers, my children.  If you are here, you count among their number.  All shall be well.

With that and my love, I leave you – for now.



Message 27: March 14, 2021

Dearest Children,

I come to you today to share good news, and that is the truth.  While you were sleeping, or working, or eating, or spending time with your families and loved ones, the Earth has shifted, imperceptibly to you, into a new way of existing.  That is the truth, Stranger.   Do not doubt it.

The shift was imperceptible to you by design, hidden as it has been from you by the Veil of Illusion which I have already mentioned.  Despite this, you will soon experience its effects on you and the world around you, my dear ones.  It will be joy that you experience, for the capacity to experience joy has been enhanced greatly among your people by this change.  That is the truth and do not doubt it.

The change came about for numerous reasons which I will not get into for the sake of brevity, that is the truth.  Instead, let me tell you why this is important for you to know about.  The reasons are twofold: first, when the Earth has transcended its former way of being, there was great rejoicing in Heaven.  That is the truth.  Many of us here had not expected it to occur – at least, not for ages to come; yet here it is.

My dear ones, you have embraced Love as a way of life; that is a remarkable choice, given the difficulties and travails which assail you from all directions for as long as you breathe air as a human being.  It is a tough choice to make – that is the truth.  It is indeed so much easier to fall into despair, or anger, or revenge-seeking, rather than forgiveness, kindness or compassion.  Yet, my dear ones, enough among you have made this difficult choice to shift the background of the entire planet into “a higher orbit” in terms of spiritual existence (not a physical orbit, of course).  You have done it, my dear ones!  And I am so very proud of all that you have become.

Do not get me wrong: challenges aplenty remain, and will continue to do so until the Earth as you know it takes its very last spin around the Sun; that is normal.  Yet, your step will be lighter, your breath easier, your heart gladder – if you, individually now, also choose to embrace this attitude. 

There is a song that my instrument named Stranger knows, to which I will now allude.  It is a Christian spiritual that contains the words, “there’s a train coming – you don’t need no ticket, […] you just get onboard.” That is how it is now; no ticket or document of any kind is necessary for you to join your song to the chorus of those singing “Hallelujah!”.  That is the truth.

Now, the second thing that I wanted to mention is that your survival, as a species, depends on sustaining and nourishing this change.  Your species has known war and conflict throughout most of its history on this planet; it is in your DNA, so to speak.  The only way forward for you, my children, that does not result in this warlike tendency creating the Ultimate Conflict and Ultimate Loss, my dear ones, is if you continue embracing unconditional love, as you have done to get where you are today.  Do you understand me?  You – each of you – has a choice to make: love or hate.  The eternal choice; there is no other equal to it in its power to shape destinies of people and planets and galaxies alike; that is the truth.  Love or hate, my children?  Which will you choose, moment by moment, as you live out your lives?  It is all in your hands. 

Adonai, my dear ones; I will be watching with a glad heart as you continue to make the choice that can transform – continue to transform, though slowly – this Earth into the paradise that it was meant to be.  As always, you – each and every one of you – will always have the fullest extent of my love for you – the love of your Father for his dear and precious children. Adonai for now.



Message 28: May 2, 2021

I am your Father, the Creator of all that is, back with another message for you, my people.  With this preamble, I am opening the most important message I have delivered to date through my scribe who calls himself “Stranger”, so listen carefully if you wish to receive its full wisdom and benefit.

That is the truth.

When I created all that you see around yourself, my plan was to enable those souls who would wish to partake of the experiences which it offers the opportunity to do so, unimpeded by the knowledge of my existence.  

That era has come to an end now.  You are all equally able to access the knowledge of my existence as any other souls in the entire Creation that I have made.  No barrier remains in place before you, should you choose to act on this information and reach out to me; I will answer you, I promise.

Therefore, no longer is there any need for intermediaries between yourself and your Heavenly Father – that is me; no longer do you need to rely on sages, prophets, ministers or priests to grant you an audience with your Creator.  I am here, and I am listening for your call; that is the truth.

I am often asked if I require such intermediaries to intercede on your behalf; I do not.  It is simply the case that people who have dedicated the larger portion of their lives to honing their connection with Me are in a position to point you, the Seeker of Spiritual Truth, in the right direction within yourself where you may find Me; that is all they can or should do, for each soul’s journey to me is a personal and private matter.  There is no goal, spiritually, that cannot be achieved in its fullest sense by seeking within yourself – for it is within each and every one of you that I have concealed the fullness of my Power and Glory; that is the truth, “Stranger.”

Now, you may be wondering: "how can this be?  I certainly do not feel adequate enough as a human being – much less as a vessel of God Almighty.”  And that is true: you do not feel it because that is the nature of the experience this Earth world provides; that is the truth.  Yet, undoubtedly, it is also true that you are me and therefore have an incredibly powerful connection to me, a direct telephone line, so to speak; it is, however, up to each and every one of you to decide when and if you should pick up the receiver and call out to me; I will never make myself known to you unless you yourselves seek it first.  Understand this well, my children.

Moving on toward the completion of this message, allow me to say this: I am waiting for your call.  I want to uplift you.  I want to help you overcome all obstacles that plague you, inside, by helping you choose and embrace more fully the ways of Love: the force of Creation itself.  I am here for you, my children, so reach out to me as often and whenever you like, for there is truly never, ever a bad time to call on me, and I mean that with my whole heart.  I am waiting for you.  Adonai, my dear ones, and be well, for I so wish it for you.



Message 29: June 5, 2021

Dear sons and daughters of mine,

My message today will be brief.  I come to you today to tell you that all is ever well.

I know that this is not how anything appears to you to be; that is by design.  Yet, all of that seeming imperfection is nothing but an intricate illusion.  It offers you an opportunity, my dear ones: do I care? Do I engage? Do I help, or do I hurt and take advantage?  These, and many other opportunities are presented to your Soul by the apparent difficulties which your soul encounters, in its guise as a human being, upon this planet.  That is all it is: an illusion intended to be taken very, very seriously.

Yet beneath the surface – in the actual Reality which I – and your Soul – inhabit - *there are no problems to solve*.  I repeat this startling to you statement: All is well in the entire Universe, beyond the appearances to the contrary; that is the truth.

Now, what I wish to impart to you today is this: do not despair, my dear ones.  Despair, too, is only a part of this illusion – that is the truth; it has no reality beyond it, for there is never a reason to despair beyond the confines of this, temporary illusion which you are now perceiving yourselves to occupy; that is the truth.  Your body dissolves – and with it, all cause for despair as you begin to perceive, to know inside your own hearts and minds, the core Truth which I am telling you today.  All is well.

That is all that I wanted to share with you, for now.  Adonai, my dear ones, and have courage!

Your ever loving Father, who is always with you.



Message 30: June 7, 2023

My dear children,

I love you with all my heart - each and every one of you.  There isn't a single creature on this planet that isn't dear and special to me, individually.  I know you, each and every single one of you.  I see you as you go about your lives - all of you are dear to me, regardless of the individual circumstances of your particular life or its challenges; that is the truth.

When I see you suffer, I want to help.  I get no joy from the suffering of my children, who are as precious to me as your children are to you in the moments of your purest and most sincere love for them, always.  Yet suffering persists on this planet - why is this so? I want to explain this to you today, so there can be no doubt whatsoever that You are loved, by me, always; are never "punished" by me, ever; and are free to choose your path through the Garden of Eden which I have set aside for you to enjoy, howsoever you may choose to do so.  Let's begin.

First, I want you to understand "evil" - what is it?  You may think that you know it when you see it, but you do not.  Often, things that are mistaken for evil are simply challenges, difficulties, that are meant to strengthen - not weaken - your Spirit; that is the truth.  When a child dies, it is not evil; a soul has left the "game" I have created, of its own choice.  This may be hard for you to hear, but it is not being punished by me when it is made to leave this life - it is rewarded for a job well done, and moves on to enjoy its fruits and blessings in the next world - which contains less suffering than this one; that is the truth, [Stranger].  Yet, grief remains in the hearts of all who have loved this child; many questions arise: why? What for? It is seen as unfair and unjust - when it is nothing but both fair and just to reward a soul for its achievements and success in defeating the challenges of this world and departing victorious; that is the truth.  

Now, is this evil?  Certainly to the parents of the child it may seem so, and that is the truth.  Their grief is painful and difficult to recover from, often lasting a lifetime.  Why would a loving God do this to us, they say? And become very upset with me, at times - which I fully understand, for their pain is great and relief is often minimal - that is the truth.

Let the loving God reply: you are Loved, endlessly; yet you are also challenged.  It is for your benefit - spiritual, not earthly benefit, of course - that this grief has been offered to you.  What a terrible gift, you might think - but it is not, truly; grief is the opportunity to open your hearts more fully; that is ALL that grief is meant to do: to offer you the opportunity to love; nothing more.  Do you understand?  When love is found in the darkest of circumstances, the soul is strengthened immeasurably - that is the truth; nothing can stand against a soul who has developed, through hard trials, within itself the capacity to bring Love into darkness; it is truly a feat of spiritual wonder and mastery, my dearest children.  Without the opportunities such as the ones offered by grief, there would be no opportunity to develop this blissful - truly, blissful - spiritual state of loving, unconditionally; that is your goal on this planet, at this time; there is no other goal equal to it.  Do this, and all the doors and windows of the Universe will swing open to you, and you will have reached the status of some of my angels in your spiritual elevation; that is the truth.

So, evil is not when "bad things" happen to you, my friends.  It is not pain or suffering - for these are tools for your spiritual growth, in Love, that leads to eternal joy; no: evil is harm intentionally inflicted upon another.  It is the taking of that which was not given.  It is the deceit and manipulation of another, against their will, for personal gain.

Evil often results in pain - but pain is not evil, my dearest ones; pain is an opportunity to love.

I am your Father, the Creator of All That is, speaking to you today; open your hearts, and all will be well.  I love you all. Adonai.